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KMB Adjusts Bus Fare from 4 April Price of KMB Monthly Pass Remains Unchanged(Update)

The Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd (“KMB”) will adjust the fares with an average 5.8% and 8.5% increase for its about 350 solely-operated routes and 51 jointly-operated routes respectively, with effect from 2:30 a.m., 4 April 2021. The rate of the KMB Monthly Pass will remain unchanged at $780.

The new fares apply to all KMB routes, including regular routes, cross-harbour routes, overnight routes, special routes, racecourse bus routes, port-feeder routes and holiday routes. After implementing the new fare, around 90% of the passengers pay $0.1- $0.9 more per trip.

The new fares of four routes: K12, K14, K17 and K18, will be effective from 18 April (Sunday).

For the details of new bus fares, please click here.


Price of KMB Monthly Pass Remains unchanged

Given the current economic situation of Hong Kong, KMB has decided to freeze the rate of the KMB Monthly Pass at $780. Passengers can continue to enjoy ten flexible trips per day among 400 KMB routes by using the Pass.

Under the Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme, passengers with KMB Monthly Pass enjoy a subsidy equivalent to a 25% discount. Since the Government announced that the Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme with the threshold of $200 would extend to 31 December 2021, and that the monthly subsidy cap would rise to $500 from 1 April 2021, passenger can save more.


KMB Monthly Pass


  Subsidy amount#

($780 - $200) x 33.33%


  The actual cost of KMB Monthly Pass

$780 - $193.3


  Average cost per day



Average cost per trip



# Deducted by the subsidy from the Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme as at 31 December 2021.


Use the KMB Monthly Pass to Save more for Middle-distance and Long-distance travelling

Middle-distance and long-distance commuters may better use of the KMB Monthly Pass. If a commuter travels to work for 30 days with two trips per day, the average transport cost per trip will be $9.8 only. Examples of fare comparison are shown as follows:


Routes for Working Days


Fare per Trip^

Average cost per trip with KMB Monthly Pass


978 Fanling (Wah Ming) ⇋ Wan Chai North



$15.8 (↓62%)

268C Long Ping Station ⇋ Kwun Tong Ferry


$9.5 (↓49%)


Routes to Country Side for Holidays


Fare per Trip^

Average cost per trip with KMB Monthly Pass


289R Wong Shek Pier ⇋ Shatin Central



$13.5 (↓58%)

275R Tai Po Market Station ⇋ Wu Kau Tang


$1.7 (↓15%)


Suggestions for a One-Day Buscation Trip


Total Fare@

Daily Fare with KMB Monthly Pass


64K Yuen Long (West) ⇋ Tai Po Market Station

Tsz Tong Tsuen (“Mural Village”)

Kadoorie Farm

Fong Ma Po (Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree)





$14 (↓42%)

51 Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower) ⇋ Sheung Tsuen (Circular)

Kwong Pan Tin Tsuen

Chuen Lung

Tai Mo Shan Country Park


$16 (↓45%)

^Effective from 4 April 2021
@The fare of four trips, including visiting three locations and the returning trip. Fares are applicable from 4 April 2021.

It is easy, fast and convenient to buy a KMB Monthly Pass. Passengers may purchase the Pass with more than a hundred self-service kiosks, or with the App1933.

Terms and Conditions and the KMB Monthly Pass Kiosk Locations

Passengers may call the KMB Customer Service Hotline on 2745-4466 or LiveChat with us on App1933 or the KMB website for more details.